Deliverance is :

New Life is
the actions of casting down and casting out every high thing that exalts it’s SELF against the will of GOD.
Being set free from bondages.
The language of  the overcomer.
The essence of  GOD’S Holy Spirit displacing and vanquishing the evil spirits.
Freedom sought and found  in the presence of GOD.
The purging power to remove  the soul from darkness..
The tool to lift heavy burdens, and to undo the bands of wickedness.
The power to bring light into the darkest situations.
The power to loose the Holy Spirit to work in behalf of  man.
The bringing of every thought to the obedience of  CHRIST.
The breaking of generational curses for four generations back.
The breaking of curses and the ability to sever the past sins from the family tree.

Intercession is the essence of the life of Christ...
The Church is created not to fulfill God's wrath,
but to complete His mercy.

Divine Lordship is not a threat; rather it’s the place of greatest safety.