by Suzin McNeill

A Sheep

Holy Spirit University

Lambing season is the critical time when the shepherd's WORD knowledge, abilities in the Holy Spirit, obedience, and care determine the success of the body of the church. Dozens of problems will occur in these latter days. Many of the problems faced will be traced back to the poor management of not using the gifting and talents sent to the church for the perfecting of the saints by GOD. Inadequate equipment such as a larger building, and more funds or an indifferent attitude, will not be acceptable before GOD. Of the three causes of harm, to the lambs the indifferent attitude, is the most dangerous to both the shepherds and the sheep. Indifference is being "luke warm," and sickens entire flocks. Complacency is a killer in the church, just like sin. Poor equipment is blamed for most problems but teaching without the guidance of The Holy Spirit, is simply that the shepherd has not sought The LORD's guidance, or has not truly learned the voice of The LORD, due to the shepherd's own indifferent attitude. Of these three, knowing The LORD's voice can make even the poorest rich, and it is written in the same Bible and offered to all.

Observation and discernment is one of the most important and least stressed abilities of shepherds. Sheep must be watched and fed the good word of GOD and prayed for daily, not just three hours on Sunday with a handshake at the door. The fruits of the spirit mean little, if the shepherd does not spend time prayerfully watching and making himself available to guide and care for the sheep of his pasture. A true and good shepherd knows his flock, and the sheep know him because he has spent time with them, talking, praying, feeding, and caring for them. It is by these actions that a shepherd understands the nature of each sheep, and will know when they are not feeling well, and their needs for prayer. The shepherd will know the week areas of individual sheep.

As the shepherd sees and foresees the changes in the sheep he is responsible to carry this sheep to the Good Shepherd and lift them up in prayer. By prayerful watching, the problems are identified and the sheep can safely remain in the flock without passing the problems or illness on to the other sheep.


A new lamb is a just birthed heir of salvation that has just come into The Kingdom of The Good Shepherd by accepting the blood of JESUS for the remission of sin. The new lamb has left their sin and the harsh environment of the world where it was hurt and burdened to come to JESUS. The church is a lambing barn and it does not have to be big, or fancy, or have steeples, or stained glass windows. It is the people who gather together with a heart on fire and burning in their love of JESUS that compose the lambing barn. The lambing barn is not the place to stay forever. It is a place for training and teaching the lambs and sheep to come to the place of maturity where they can go out and birth more lambs and send them in to the care of The Good Shepherd.


.The facility components and needs of a lambing system include:

1)an area of fervent intercession prior to lambing

2)a safe place to travail over problems and new births and the close arms and voice of the shepherd

3) immediate prayerful care of the children and new lambs

4)the preparation of teaching for the new lamb's stages

of growth with the milk of The WORD which includes the gospel of love, praying, binding and loosening in the name of JESUS, and receiving the gift of The Holy Spirit

5) teaching the lambs in liberty to join in with the flock and congregation


At this point it is critical to be aware that new lambs must be kept very very warm in their earliest days. These are the days when satan will try to rob the young lamb away from the cross of JESUS. It may appear to the new lamb that he is all alone in this new walk if those who mother and feed the lamb are not concerned and available for fellowship and guidance. This is more than just inviting them to the lambing pen or church. Spiritual warfare must continue after the lamb is birthed and able to stand on its own and nurse the milk of the Word. This is also the time when The Good Shepherd is near to teach the lamb HIS voice. A strong bond in HIS love is the key that will prevent abandonment in later life. Lambs and ewes must be watched closely for signs of malnutrition ( traditional judgmental rulings and condemnations of harshness.) Some lambs must be delivered from generational family curses, from the occult, from bondage, addictions and oppressions.


The young lamb must not be rejoiced over at birth and then pushed aside to find it's own food. Nurturing must occur and even a wooing of The Holy Spirit will help the growth of the new lamb. Lambs and ewes feeding the lambs must be watched by the shepherd and observed for signs of problems. The new lamb may need deliverance and inner healing. The shepherd observes the lambs in discernment of their general appearance and attitude. If the lamb doesn't look or sound right a closer talk with the shepherd will help to determine the source of the problem. Take the lamb to JESUS, and spend time with them to help them grow strong enough to stand, for it is in this season that satan will come the hardest to steal, kill, and destroy the new lamb. How wonderful to come to the care of The Loving GOOD SHEPHERD. Through the blood of JESUS new lambs are birthed. Shepherds be diligent to know the state of Thy flocks entrusted to you.

Divine Lordship is not a threat; rather it’s the place of greatest safety.