After birthing the cleansing comes

by Suzin McNeill

After birthing the cleansing comes for Israel in tears of repentance. Shall I not wash thee O’ Israel. The bearing is just beginning but so shall you be washed afresh and anew to greet this day. Both cleansing and purging and anointings with fine oils and scents. You will draw nearer to Me through the blood of My Son JESUS. Come to My table and eat of the meat of My will for you. Come with opened hearts in repentance and partake of My sacraments. You shal learn of the holy as you pursue Me. My priests will learn to serve in new order. Yes, I’m raising a people who have not been a people until now. You will see them arising in both quietude and service. They will walk serving Me in humility. Watch closely and you will see My hands in service to those around them. The five- fold ministries are My hands of power in serving one another in My love. Come. Say to all. Come and meet My Father, for I have longed for My people and My people have longed for Me.

Divine Lordship is not a threat; rather it’s the place of greatest safety.