Partners in the Harvest

It is written that My thoughts are higher than your thoughts yet you can have the mind of Christ.  Are you washed by the water of  My Word? Have you tasted and seen within My Spirit?  My thoughts are not in all your thoughts yet; I would have you to know My oneness, hearing  the whispers of  My voice. Too often you seek to hear My words as only the afterthought of a blessing upon your own plans. You say, bless my works and bless me, yet you have  not sought My will.  You take My presence lightly, even as an afterthought. This one thing I have required of  you …  to know Me and walk  obeying My voice. There are many plans in your own path of your own making, and you expect Me to follow you with My blessings.

Righteousness… does it come through your own will but through My will?  Are you seeking My righteousness or developing your own?  I said seek My righteousness and My face yet you preen yourself before others loving your own reflection more than Me. Your speak of My glory but glory in your own self and your own works. Again, I send forth My prophets with the corrective words of My own mouth and you turn from them and My correction. Tell us the love words LORD, glorify yourself through me. I am holy.

My glory exists without the flesh of man to shine through. My glory is the cross of My Son JESUS. Do you see your self there? Is there room for another beside Him? You are called to die to yourself that I may live within you. You live for yourself  and say you will walk in My glory. Did I pronounce this? Where did you hear that I glorify the works of man? Where did you see any man touching My glory, except My own Son? O’ Israel, you are wayward in your own minds. Where are the plans you have made for your own self? Did I say for you to make your plans and then, I would bless them in afterthought? I am searching and whispering to those who are will- ing and walking in the desert of preparation, according to My will. These few have been through the temptations, and have stood alone with Jesus in these trails as overcomers through the power of  HIS name, and through the very blood of My son JESUS.  I have called out and few have sought Me and My righteousness. 

There comes a small cloud on the horizon and with it a great wind that shall bring the changes unto those who in deed cry after My will to both know it and then to do it. Harm them not and speak no evil before them or after them, for as I send forth these fiery messengers I will also send forth My signs and wonders as never before.  Persecute them and I will readily recompense. Many shall fall who take their words lightly for these messengers shall speak My words and My words are the words of power.  My recompense will swiftly follow them and will come in an instant when the thoughts of the inward hearts are revealed before Me. Will your afterthoughts then be to condemn or judge even Me?  Shhhh… be quiet and sin not, for the small cloud upon the horizon is in the shape of  My hand and within this very small  hand shaped cloud I release My thoughts toward My people.  Hear ye Me and bow down. I am The Holy GOD you say you serve.

Matthew 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

Psalm 33:11    But the plans of the LORD stand firm forever, the purposes of His heart through all generations.

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Divine Lordship is not a threat; rather it’s the place of greatest safety.