Trophy Ministries

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  Who is willing to go into the desert with Me? Who is willing to stay
in the silence of My tomb and listen? Who is willing to eat the last
 morsel of the widow and her son before they die from starvation?
Who is  willing to be thrust into the lion's den knowing that  the
lions are hungry and must be fed meat? Who is willing to live
among the perversions of sodomite men  and women  who  deny
Me and My existence?  Who is willing to be fed by the ravens
before starvation? Who will drink the bitter waters of Zarapath
and lay upon the dead?  Who is willing to walk naked and barefoot
for three years bringing My words  to a people  who will not listen?
Who will deny themselves  to give everything to another who has
nothing? Who will leave all to follow Me? Who will lay down their
own trophy ministries  to find the fellowship of suffering with Me?

I am seeking the prophetic ones of My heart to begin anew, this
day. I am loosing skills  and miracles that must be reached for with
empty hands. To obtain these supernatural gifting and miracles you
must release that which you are holding and give as I say give. Who
will stand in the holy place and release to whom I say release? Will
 you be as the rich young ruler who tries again and again to keep that
 which he has amassed? His hands were full and he would not release
 them because he ultimately  had more faith in his belongings  than he
 had in Me, says The LORD. The needs of the one in obedience, are
great. They are coming out of the desert, out of the caves, out from
the widows house, and out of the pit. Who is standing before you?
Who is praying and who is listening to My still small voice?  Who
will speak and bring My voice to all of Israel and to the world?
Empty your hands so I can freely fill them
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Divine Lordship is not a threat; rather it’s the place of greatest safety.