We Are Not In Oz Anymore

shared by Suzin McNeill 
  serpents and scorpions and pulpits Oh my!
self proclaimers, money changers, and pulpits,
it's stacked high.

shallowness, old milk doctrines are cried
seems like traditions and men's dry bones
should have long since died.

lies, principalities, and powers are nigh
speaking out of the reverends, preachers,
clergy and brethren near by.

so weigh what you hear on the scales of judgment and truth
and discern what you see,
for satan is lurking, the old devil slooth.

how do you walk and know where to stand
when deception is rampant and the selling is grand?
what separates hirings and called ones on earth?
is it holiness verses material and financial worth?

so many walk commanding they are blessed
so many are shouting that they are God's best.
what happens to the ones who are in such need
when church simply functions on selling and greed?

what of the hearts that are broken and hurt
from words from the pulpits that should sound an alert?
lead us Good Shepherd and help us to see
the devices of men who do not seek your will, nor follow Thee.

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From the book The Harvest Is Ready Content Page
Divine Lordship is not a threat; rather it’s the place of greatest safety.