Take Warning...

  When armies march they listen to the voice of their commanding officer. When he shouts out a phrase, each soldier echo's back the line with rhythmic response called cadence. There is a oneness that each soldier has with his commander and each responds in cadence as if he alone was responding to the given commands.

  There was a Master Sergeant in the Green Berets. He would call out: 
"If I had a low IQ…." and his men, knowing his unique song, would respond in cadence, "I would be an M.P., too…" (M.P. stands for military police!)

Walking in the Spirit is not all that dissimilar to military cadence. While 
it is true we the Church are corporately a body,  each in need of all other 
members, it is equally true that each of us has a individual, personal 
walk with God and we answer to Him alone. On Judgment Day, we will 
each speak for ourselves. We are both individually and corporately His 

  There is a sad warning in the Bible about a young prophet who was given a task by God in I Kings 13. This young unnamed prophet was sent to deliver a word of judgment to the King. He was given this command by God, "You shall not eat bread, nor drink water, nor return by the same way you came."  He faithfully delivered the word, saw a miracle and a healing, and promptly headed home.

  There was an old prophet that heard about the prophetic word and power signs of the Spirit of God. Intrigued, he saddled up the family donkey and went after him. He found him resting under a tree and, in verse 18, "He said to him, 'I too am a prophet as you are, and an angel spoke to me by the word of the LORD, saying, Bring him back with you to your house, that he may eat bread and drink water.'" (He mislead him.)"

  The old prophet mislead the young prophet! The young man submitted to his elder, and the spirit of the prophets is subject to the prophets, is it 
not?  thus disobeying God's command, and was later killed by a lion on the road home. Interestingly enough, God did nothing to the old prophet for misleading him but, he did allow the young prophet to die prematurely for disobeying His command.

  One of the great heretical teachings in the Western Church is that of 
pyramid types of "spiritual coverings." There is God ordained authority in 
the church  (authority being the power to serve.)  He never set up his 
church to be a covering for anyone, and not the competing whorish franchise system it has become.  He calls each of us to walk in the Spirit, to learn to hear his voice, and to walk with Him responding in loving cadence to his leadings. Jesus is uniquely the Head of the church and it is our overriding allegiance to him as Lord that grants us basis to have relationship with others in His Body. The truth is that if Jesus can't cover you, you can't be covered!

  Each of us is called to learn the cadence of God's voice and to respond. Out of our individual walks with God, we can then live out a corporate 
life as the Body of Christ on earth - as we each first seek to know God 
for ourselves, seeking first His kingdom and His righteousness.

  It is when we allow anything or anyone to become a barrier between ourselves and Jesus that our unique position of privilege as sons of God is usurped and the highest calling is lost.  Jehovah - Jesus has said to many, "now you will be no priest to Me." The young prophet "submitted" to a  word from an older prophet, and subsequently lost his ministry and his  life. Now, the question is before each one of us, should we listen to our elders, wives, and friends? No! no! The point of the story is that when you know the will of God, you cannot let anyone dissuade you from performing that which God appointed for you. That which is not done of faith in His timing is sin, and sin pays its wages always in death.

  The young prophet died for his disobedience. He knew what God had commanded him. Still, there was something self - pleasing in him that caused him to reject the will of God in favor of resting at a self appointed place where one will always receive a revelation that's self pleasing." How many businesses, marriages, families, ministries, and churches are destroyed or aborted because of this satanic ruse?  Once you've heard the Word ( God's will to action), it is time to apply and obey the Word fully!

  Facing lying leaders, wives, children and local governments, even well meaning ones who are acting "for your own good," are the ultimate test in obeying God.  Cadence is sung in rhythm while walking and it is in your  ongoing walk with Christ that you, we, begin to learn the Lord's cadence.

  It is when we step out of sync with that rhythm and unique interchange with Christ that we get on most dangerous ground. When you know God's calling - beware of messengers with directions called  revelations and anyone you know whispering or shouting for you to hear them ! Walk in the Spirit and stay in cadence.  It will preserve your stance in Holiness. Purge yourself  is a command from our Lord. Cast off the works of darkness. Give all unto Him and allow the disbursements by his will. Save your self by putting on Christ. Preserve the one true high calling from God by Christ Jesus

  Note: walking in the spirit is 100% against the ways and spirit that is in the world, This will cause a warfare all around you! To simply stand is to win. Do not yield to it as the young prophet.

Sound off,  Jesus Christ is my head. 
Sound off,  Jehovah His Father is the ONE we worship.

Divine Lordship is not a threat; rather it’s the place of greatest safety.
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Divine Lordship is not a threat; rather it’s the place of greatest safety.