Whispering In A Cloud From Glory

shared by Suzin McNeill


Can you catch and harness the wind?
Can you come into My presence and not bow and bend?
Can you speak and not be heard?
Can you speak only My word?
Can you yield only to Me and  daily do My will?
Can you hear Me in this clamoring world and hear
My voice whispering within the quieted still?
Can you walk with Me and follow with only the directions to yield?
For the harvest is now ready and the world is My field?

Can you hear My voice from on high?
Will you allow The Holy Spirit to guide?
I am seeking the readied soldier and one who will fight
both in the darkness and in the light?

The path is clear before you and I have you in My sight,
raising you up, and mightily you will fight for what is right.
I am searching for the the yielded lambs who will stand
and pray for one another in this plan,
for as you walk the earth will shake
and in you I'm placing My love for man.

Bend down and bow before Me,
Go forth as My ambassadors proclaiming for I AM.

Signs and wonders are before you to magnify My name,
For as you walk the steps of glory, many will never be the same.

Step quickly and be silent for My glory you will see
and as you grow in My perfection your reflection will be Me.

Tears of Glory

shared by Suzin McNeill

Be not surprised when the tears of God roll down your face.
Be not surprised when I lift you in My embrace,
for much is given and more required, as you stand in this holy place...
I'm speaking to hearts to give and give again, without any delaying haste.

Be not surprised when holy tears roll down your face,
for in these tears of heaven, glory comes with a swift pace.
Be not surprised as the tears roll down your glowing face,
for I will keep them in a bottle and not one will I waste.

You cry for My people. You cry for every race,
and as I cry through you, miracles will happen as common place. 
You are called from glory to glory and I have prepared you with My grace.
Be not surprised that when you cry, you will look upon My face.

for Dorothy Jernigan 2-1-2007

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Divine Lordship is not a threat; rather it’s the place of greatest safety.