In Like A Flood
shared by Suzin McNeill 

dove of christ

Ascribe ye strength unto God: his excellency is over Israel, and his strength is in the clouds.


You have both heard and watched as the flood waters have risen around you. As the waters crested this week and began to subside I want you to realize that my Holy Spirit within you has also come to the place of cresting but it will not subside. It will not crest but will keep rising as you yield unto My leadership. The flooding of My Holy Spirit is to usher in with a quickened pace and strong force, a clearing out of the debris left in you from the world, man's traditions, and sin. This flood will drag and tear away the old roots of the ages and will bring an insurgence of new growth and total commitment that will unite those who love Me throughout this world. I am calling you as ministers and handmaidens to clear out of your self, the debris of tradition, and that man pleasing spirit and replace it with stead fast immediate obedience to My will.

Too many of My sons and daughters have become dry and brittle waiting on My promises. Too many of My prophets and prophetesses are parched from their man edifying words that I have not spoken, nor told them to speak. Many have been damaged by false words that serve to only puff up the heart for the advantage of exactions and collections. There are many standing in the water who need to be taught to receive, refill and give. It is the day called and I have prepared you with My wisdom to go out and rain out My words of life. I want you to be in such a position of obedience and love in Me that you will speak to the clouds of men and a deluge of My Spirit will manifest. The waters from My Holy Spirit will not reach a crest within you, only to subside and back off.

The waters will crest only in the Anointing if you do not move out and give out the water I've placed within you. In these days, I am calling you into a narrowing path of My will in service unto Me, first. Hear  M e and go only when I directly lead you. Stop moving in presumption, and stop being moved by your "feelings". You can not serve others before serving Me and remain effective. The mandate of the ages is hears Me and then, go. You enter My Presence as clouds. I fill you. I give the rain within and the rain without. Carry My words to all people. See the state of those who bond only with the successes of their own goals, rather than My heart. See the ones with only the thoughts of day to day survival All of the family of man needs the rain.

You can stand in the Spirit fully prepared according to your own yielding to My voice and My word.  Place your will upon My altar and let Me do a quickened, strengthening work. You are strengthened in each step of My will and with love in warning, I tell you that your own strong hands cannot hold back the tides raising around you. When your arms are in surrender unto Me you will bring forth the rain and carry it's refreshing into the streets, the neighborhoods, towns, cities, and nations. As you bring your praise to Me, I  fill you. You become clouds full of the potential of your limitless Father.

Every hand surrendered unto Me becomes a mighty force and unity builds the body and tears down the walls of tradition and religion. Shake yourself. With uplifted arms of surrender I will meetyou and renew you for the days ahead. Get over your own things because these latter days are kingdom days where unity must come in like a flood. Pastors, gather together with one another and pray for your communities and land. As you come in unity of love and prayer I will manifest Myself among you. Welcome these days of intercession. The foundation for the days before you come in the spirit of truth, liberty, and unity. Become the ministers I've called you to be not preferring one above the other but having all things in common, the doing of My will among My people in unity. What a mighty force of  My Anointing will come when you pray together, and minister together. Ministry is no longer one man's work, but the work of all who believe and stand in the name and blood of Jesus The Christ.

Listen attentively to My voice, and the sound that goes out of My mouth. It is a time of gathering, merging, sharing and unifying as the full body of Christ with one mission, to take the gospel to those who are hurting, bound, oppressed, depressed, and to those who have no hope. Take My words to those who are forgotten around you. You cannot separate the waters. They will flow in strength. The land will be taken by the force that comes from the flood. Come, let Me refresh you. Come and make new commitment to serve one another in Me. Come and refuse to stand still in the stagnancy of the waters. Come flow in the waters of your Living God, who has arms to reach every one beginning with the forgotten ones. My arms are big enough to carry and cover you, where ever I send you. Speak My words ad bring the rain of life.

Psalm 68
34) Ascribe ye strength unto God: his excellency is over Israel, and his strength is in the clouds.
35) O God, thou art terrible out of thy holy places: the God of Israel is he that giveth strength and power unto his people. Blessed be God.

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