Effectually Fervent

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dove of christ


My eyes are searching to and fro to find the few who will bend their knees and their spirit to intercede into areas far beyond their own needs and far beyond the needs of their own churches. I am listening for the those who will give themselves as sacrifices in the early morning hours to lift up their voices for those who that they do know to hear My words, and to pray on the wind of the Spirit. I am searching for the fervent spirit who will pray the effectual fervent prayer in righteousness. Who shall join My Son in intercession for the elect’s sake? Who will lay their life down in prayer to become inflamed with My purposes? Who is praying in the spirit ignited with the cause of My people, Israel? My eyes search to and fro in the whole earth, and My ears listen attentively for those who are hidden from men and found before Me effectually fervently praying, continually. Come before Me and take the burning coals from My altar and become inflamed with My love for My people. My tears will mingle with your tears as you give yourself in sacrifice of prayer. You will become inflamed with My purposes. You will walk in the fire and through the fires bringing the words from the heavenly realm to the earth and from the cries within the earth to heaven. Who will allow Me to meld them into the form and likeness of My Son? Who will watch and pray with Him for the hour
of the day of The Lord approaches and most will be found sleeping.

Wake up My Israel and hear the LORD your God. It is the day. Come before Me. Stand inflamed with the words of  My Holy Spirit. I commission the dedicated to bring forth the embers from My throne and ignite the fervent ones even more. You will burn brightly among My people. Your life will be hidden in Me and those who see will see you in Me, My golden vessels. Selah

A Handmaiden’s Prayer

When you said, seek My face my heart said, Thy face will I seek. Teach me to pray the fervent prayer that I may come before You in confidence and faith that will not waiver. Teach me to stand in full expectancy knowing that the fervent prayer does avail and prevail over any earthly desire in the power name, JESUS. You are the Lifter of my head. Teach me the fervent prayer of heart. Gather up the broken pieces of my heart and allow my life to disappear so the voice of my heart may come before You for others in intercession. Hear and answer me speedily for the cries of your people are within me. The cries of Your people are forever before Jesus and He brings them unto You as our truest intercessor.  Jesus, may I pray today with You as one who seeks to pray the fervent prayer? Lord, call me to stand before You with the cries of  Your people, Israel. Cover me in the blood of Jesus as I approach Your throne.

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Divine Lordship is not a threat; rather it’s the place of greatest safety.