The Scales of  Justice
shared by Suzin McNeill
dove of christ 

Thus saith, The Holy One of Israel,
I shall execute judgment and justice in the earth.

The scales of  justice are in My hand. In one hand, there is My fiery wrath and indignation towards My enemies and in My other hand, there is reward for a job  well done by My faithful servants. In one hand, there is total provision, green pastures and still waters. On the other hand, there arises cries of anguish from the destruction and tribulation upon the land. On one hand, there is the sound of one voice singing praises unto Me, while on the other hand, there is mindly chatter and groping through much darkness. 

On the one hand, My Spirit speaks expressly My perfect precise will, while on the other side there is waywardness, and disobedience. Unto them that are proud and contentious, and do not obey the truth, nor walk in My council given by My prophets, I will burn them with My fire. 

Unto those who endure by patient continuance in obeying My voice and doing My will, I will reward them with glory, honor, peace, and the light of My countenance. They know Me, and I will keep them in safety, and in peace. They will walk in My ways and do great exploits bringing honor to My name, and bringing souls to My kingdom. 

On the one hand, I hold the sickle and thresh on My threshing floor. On the other hand I hold the harvest, ripe and fully ready. With one hand I throw the wheat into the air and without hands  the wheat is separated by the wind. This wind is the wind of My Holy Spirit that has begun to blow upon My houses, to shake, and to scatter, and to clearly divide, the chaff from the wheat, the goats from the sheep, the carnal man from the spiritual man, brute pastors from My shepherds, and the whores, from the bride. 

To My people, in My house I send division and the call for those who will walk with Me to obey Me. I call to My sheep to hear My voice. I call by My Holy Spirit, hear ye Me. Come unto Me and know My voice above all others. 

For as a hen stretches out her wings and calls to her chicks before the storm, so do I, The LORD GOD JEHOVAH stretch forth My hands to strengthen you and prepare you for the days ahead. Chick Israel, come unto The LORD your God, and learn My ways. In My house, and in My sanctuaries judgment begins. Know Me as your El-Shaddai; walk before Me and be thou perfect.

I stand. The scales of justice are in My hand. Prepare ye now, for the wind of My Holy Spirit blows, and it blows with fires that will both purge you and prepare you, as My people to stand, to stand even in the fires, and not be burned, thus saith The LORD, The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. My eyes behold all the ways of men, and My eye will not  spare in judgment. 

Pray ye one for another. Shepherds, know your sheep. Be ye diligent to know the state of thy flocks. Intercessors pray ... pray by My Holy Spirit. Sons of God arise to stand girded with My truth. Daughters of  Zion wail, travail for the people of My sanctuary. Pray let judgment be stayed at the house of God.  Priests, rend your hearts. Oh, pastors and princes of Israel, execute judgment and justice. Take away your executions from My people, and enter into covenant with Me. My servants, you will know the hand of Thy LORD. Children arise to sing a new song for in My Spirit there is victory and glory unspeakable. Enter ye in and learn the ways of Thy God. Enter  in through My Holy Spirit and stand. 

Stand Ye In The Power.

Stand  in the power equipped in holiness and in the unity of one heart. The battle begins. Stand  in the power of Jesus Christ, The First Begotten Son, The Son of Glory, The Son of Man, The Son of I Am. Stand ye in the power, thus saith The LORD, for a mighty wind is loosed unto you that will draw forth a gustful force that will raise the wave of anointing where all of My people called by My name will know wellness throughout the land. 

Stand  in obedience, and ye will stand in Me,
says The LORD

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Divine Lordship is not a threat; rather it’s the place of greatest safety.