Aliyah, Israel, Aliyah
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Come home to  ME, says The LORD.
Arise. Shake off your dust.
Loose the chains about thy neck
Deliver your own self.
Freedom cries to those who are bound.
Deliver your neighbor.
Deliver the stranger and you will come and supp with ME.
Aliyah ... MY heart cries ...
Aliyah ... Return unto the land of thy birth.
Return unto thy First Love.
Flesh of My flesh, Spirit of MY Spirit... Arise ....
Repent. Come up higher in MY ways.
Repent ...

Flesh of My flesh, Spirit of MY Spirit... Arise ....
Shall I woe you? Heal you? Yea, make you One and complete in ME?
Yea, I shall make thee whole.
MY arms open for you, now...
Come to know ME.
MY arms open wide upon Calvary crying ELI.
Now,  ELI calls unto you. Return.
Rise up! Rise up! Rise up!
Shake off the dust from your shoes and return
to the old path, the path your  Father's walked.
Return and bring forth the dream
of  thy heritage. It is birthing time.
The conception is long over,
and the season has changed twice,
and so has the day.
See the light, thy groomsmen call.
Prepare, cry the handmaidens  in the street.
HE comes! Prepare ye the  bride!
The bride groom cometh... and with HIM is  HIS glory,
HIS rewards,  HIS wealth,  and the mighty ones.
Bring  forth your talents.

MY arms open for you, now...
Come to  ME... Return.
Sit enthroned, O' Israel...
Sit enthroned, O' Jerusalem.
Free yourselves from the chains of your own captivity.
Loose the bindings of your own makings.
Thou  art encumbered about with many things and have forgotten
thy promises and the vows your father's made.

Aliyah. Arise. Shine,
for your light has come, and
the glory of The LORD arises upon you.

The Holy One of Israel calls...
Come home. Return your heart unto ME.
Return unto  your promised land of heart.
Plow up the fallow ground of your own heart's  devices.
The fields are white and the harvest is ready.
The plowmen are few, but, the mighty ones touch down
to bring forth the sickles of harvest.

Come Quickly...
Aliyah... Come to prayer... Come home...

Oh, Israel, Come home.
Hear the voice of your  FATHER...
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Divine Lordship is not a threat; rather it’s the place of greatest safety.