Seven Twisters On The Horizon  
shared by Suzin McNeill


 A GOD Sent Dream 

In this dream I had been swimming for a long time when I was  suddenly lifted into a boat by kind hands. I was able to rest as  they drove me to the shore and then lifted me into their car. They drove to a gas station.  At the gas station  I was speaking to some people trying to get a ride back  to the beach w hen I looked up and saw seven wind spirals drop down from the sky.  They were small wind gusts but, as they spun, they  grew and took form. They grew into small water spout twisters and  they went forward all in a row on the horizon .         
These twisters
were all in a line on the horizon when the middle one  began to expand taking in the smaller ones near it. I could still see two  small tunnels on each side of the largest twister. Then, I looked  and said, Oh my GOD, for the largest had become a tornado that  was greater than anything I had ever seen. It was coming with  all force, and all power. Some kind ladies said, come ride with us for we are leaving the area to go to the university. There were three in the front and three in the back, so it was very crowded. I got in and they began to lose their direction as the winds picked up, so I ended up telling them where to drive in order to flee the storm.There were whole trees and farm equipment  going by our windshield. They listened and we were still in the  car when the tornado passed over us. There was shouting and  screaming but it was as if we were held tight in an envelope of safe keeping. I knew it was The LORD keeping us. 

Prophetic Interpretation Of  The Dream  
You were a long way from any visible shore. This is where you  are today feeling unhoused as far as "church" service. You are serving Me in your swimming says, The LORD, even though you do not see any goals or accomplishments behind you. You can  only see the deep waters before you. Rest on this ride, for you do need it. The gas station is a place of filling for you and  provision by and through My Holy Spirit. Three in the front and three in the back of the car was too crowded for you. ~ Your desire is for five-fold ministry only and My desires for  you are  a part of  that, but yet, beyond that in your calling. As the smaller twisters were engulfed by the middle one and all  were on the horizon, I am releasing My five-fold ministers this  day on the seventh to go forth. They have awaited My hand to  release them and they have taken sure stance to NOT go forth until My command.  Though there were seven small twisters on the horizon, only five remained. The two twisters that were  engulfed set themselves to move in their own timing and  rather  than Mine, The LORD says. They presumed on My will  Today, I release My ministers with new anointing. I have brought them forth as the dirt of My hands and molded them. I  have scattered them in My wind, I have   given them rain from My water spouts. I AM The LORD of  
Thunder and I send forth the lightning. Today, I release.

Today, I send forth My whirlwinds and none shall stop them for  they are gathered together in the driving force of the oneness of   My own heart. Shall I not with hold the signs and wonders and  wondrous works? I release them today. Who knows My great  mercy but, those who have given it? Who knows the wrath of  My judgments but those who have faced My judgments in chastening? Shall I arise to show Myself among the nations? I  shall arise, says The LORD, and as I arise so do I call unto My  sons and My daughters to take stance on the horizon today and  declare new devotion unto My will, alone.   I  have made thee, yea My hand has formed thee and placed  you in my kiln. Stand strong for surely it is in the release of  My    holy power that I send you forth this day. That which is before  you is greater than anyone has seen on this earth. Let no one direct you except by My Holy Spirit. I will set order and I alone  will send you forth, thus says,  The LORD. You are in My safe    keeping.  

           shared by a handmaiden  September 7, 2000
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Divine Lordship is not a threat; rather it’s the place of greatest safety.