shared by Suzin McNeill
dove of christ
A Vision

I saw an arrow point formation with one man on the point. He walked extending both of his arms to the back. Two men came and each of them took his extended hands and then two more grasped their extended hands. This continued on the eastern coastline until the entire coastline was filled by these arrow formations of five. They walked not breaking ranks and kicked up a cloud of dust as they walked across the land of The United States. Intuitively, I knew that this represented the movement of the five-fold ministry, and the leadership newly established in the power of The ALMIGHTY.

The land shook, and great crevices came in the earth as these men walked. There was smoke and fire and floods and huge windstorms taking place as they walked, but they were oblivious to any of it. They walked and would not, (willed not) to be deterred. They walked and the world shook. They walked even through hail storms, strong winds, and gunfire. They were the sons of GOD, who had sought GOD to know HIM. They were obedient to Him. They followed THE LAMB...

They followed THE LAMB, wherever He went.

Behind these men, "the sons of GOD," women, and children ran out together and they were singing. The sky behind them was a beautiful blue and it seemed to be a wonderful spring day, with gentle breezes and wild daisy's growing in the fields. I listened, and I watched. Every now, and then, some one would stray off from their group to peer over the edge of the cracked earth and they would fall over the ridges and cliffs into the fire which burned below.

The men, the sons of GOD, continued to walk across America. Some would run out to meet them as they walked, and joined hands. Others, sought to harm them by shooting guns and automatic weapons at them. They were not harmed. NOT ONE MAN FELL, as they walked together in formation. I looked, and was amazed. I wondered, how these disciples with JESUS had actually, finally, come together in one accord, to stand in the name of JESUS, alone. It was the walk of JESUS in these called, the sons of GOD.

I looked and saw a unity among these men.They all wore white short sleeved shirts. Blood splatters could be seen on their shirts. Blood splatters were upon their pants legs, and completely covered their shoes. They were walking in the blood, and snipers still continued to shoot their automatic weapons at them. A cloud of dust and smoke was there, and then, the front men on point could be seen, walking through the smoke and fiery cloud. It was like they just came, and emerged right out of a cloud of fire.

I could see the smoke, then, the men on point, would come forth from the fire. From these men there came a unity to praise, unity to worship in oneness, and unity to follow THE LAMB, wherever HE went.

They followed THE LAMB
HE was unseen to the natural eye.

They continued to walk. They followed THE LAMB. I saw these sons of God walk over the map of The United States, and then I saw the world turning, and fiery clouds forming above it. I knew that the walk of the sons of God was not limited to the United States, but was for the whole world. Everyone that tried to stop them fell. They walked in the power of God, and none could get in their way or stop them.

I testify of those things which I have seen, and of those words that I have heard. This is my witness, that JESUS CHRIST is come in the flesh, and that I am HIS handmaiden servant and friend. HE is my LORD and my SAVIOR, and KING OF ALL KINGS, THE MESSIAH, THE HOLY ONE OF ISRAEL.
Divine Lordship is not a threat; rather it’s the place of greatest safety.