Handmaidens Of The Morn
shared by Suzin McNeill

dove of christ
                WORD Of  THE  LORD              
t is My will for you to draw nearer to ME, for this 
              season is not going to be a smooth road.  It is filled with 
              pot holes, puddles, and dips. There is no way to see the 
              path with your natural eyes.  The path I call you to, is 
              hidden, within the next step of obedience. Shall you 
              meet ME there? There, we shall talk, you and I. 
              There we shall talk of many  things… 
              Come unto ME, all, who are heavy laden, and I, The 
              LORD will give you rest and repair your tattered armor. 
              Hear ME, and seek ME. Seek to know ME, for I Am 
              much more than you could ever truly know, but I will 
              reveal myself to you as we walk this road, together. 
              The day is upon us and the battle has yet to rage. Be 
              prepared early for the walk that will prepare you so 
              swiftly that there will be no time to return and finish the 
              work of today, tomorrow.  The day has only time for My 
              plans. You will see and hear what those who love ME, 
              cry out for. You will see the heart of MY people. Simply 
              stand, and begin to pray, LORD, We cry out for Your 
              people. I will hear your cries and I will come among you 
              in a mighty way. 
              Surely I, The LORD GOD, will come and strengthen thee 
              for the battles of the morn.  

               a handmaiden's note ~ 
              Surely, The LORD GOD, will go before us and behind us. 
              HE shall destroy all who offend before HIM. HE is great 
              and mighty in battle. All who sigh  against HIM, shall fall 
              asleep, to wake up with only days of fire before them.  It 
              is The LORD, Who is our GOD and HE sends us out to 
              battle. We take  upon us HIS name, and for the glory of 
              it, we rise as the noonday, standing and singing all glory, 
              all honor, all power to The LAMB. 
              How can we anticipate the greatness of HIS coming? HE 
              sees us and knows that we are but the dirt of HIS hands 
              yet, HE has broken us, crushed us, and softened us in 
              the warmth of HIS nail scared hands. HE has lifted us to 
              see HIM. Just the glory of HIS passing overwhelms us. 
              Oh LORD, what mighty strength is in Your Hands! Raise 
              us, from this place to a higher place. Help us to walk the
              path of Your will in JESUS name. Amen. 
              Isaiah 50:4 The LORD GOD hath given me the tongue 
              of the learned, that I should know how to speak a word 
              in season to him that is weary:  He wakeneth morning 
              by morning, he wakeneth mine ear to hear as the learned. 

by Jeanette A.Wilson

Lay down your burdens 
At His feet 
All of your problems 
He will meet 
Then you will start to feel 
Then you will go through 
The process to heal 
His yoke is easy, His load is light 
He will give comfort and rest 
He's calling you 
He will not shout 
All come to Him 
He will not cast out 
Lay down your burdens 
At His feet 
Then He can make you 

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Divine Lordship is not a threat; rather it’s the place of greatest safety.