The Slain of the Church
shared by Suzin McNeill

dove of christ


Last Wednesday night the LORD spoke through me prophetically to the church. He spoke about our purging and shaking. He told the body to endure this time and to not resist His hand in purging. HE told them that even as the dross blew off  the  wheat that HE would crush the wheat and cause us to be the sifted wheat used in  making  bread, and that after this crushing, there would arise the compassion to  reach the unlovely and those who were not forgotten by HIM. HE said, we would 
have bread to give for those who hungered, and  that the bread would be HIS Son's  life and body. The water and wine we would bring would be HIS Son's blood poured  from
Calvary. The LORD told the body to not look to foreign countries to share three times but to look at those that were our neighbors attending the traditional church. 

He said go where He sends us and to share there, and then, go to others in our  communities. He admonished, look at the people locked in the traditional churches  and serving dead services through their religious ways. He told us to focus on the  battleground where we live, first in our own homes, then to our neighbors, then to  the community, then to the towns, then to the airways, and then to the states. 

Then He said, go out, gather in and  see... the marvelous works of our GOD. We all  began to praise again and  I  had the following vision. I walked around with it for  several days while the LORD brought my focus to details. I cried. After I came home from church Sunday, I knew that the vision had to be written. After it was written, these words came. I shook in my seat in trembling as my teeth chattered.  I cried as I wrote. You will see that these words are not too sweet, but stern unto me and that I am also in need of  prayer. 

This vision is horrible to me. I am left asking why LORD? Why does my heart have to break so much, and so often? Why send me such frightening, terrible visions? I feel this burden so deeply that I want to run and hide myself... He was so stern saying this...Your unseen friend is in need... but, I'm not sure what I need... My  heart is crying. I'm undone... 

a  handmaiden crier,  

                    These visions come with such burdens...  
                   that only CHRIST can carry them within us. 

   The Slain Of The Church  
Feb. 8, 1999

While waiting quietly before The LORD I was carried to a place called The  First, Baptist/Methodist/Presbyterian/   Assembly/ Church.. It was a 
traditional  place with red brick sidewalks large white columns, and large 
white doors. This could have been any church in any place in
America. I 
entered the vestibule where there was no one was standing or watching to  greet visitors. I went through the double doors into the sanctuary. The 
sanctuary was a large quiet place with soft, plush, blue carpet, and white 
pews with blue coordinated padding. Polished brass and white globed 
chandeliers hung down from the high ceiling, but they were not turned on.  There was the usual baptistery which held no water, but it  hada mural of a 
Nile type river as a backdrop. Located on the side were the blue padded 
seats for the choir and musicians. There were three large white seats of 
importance for the preacher, his guest, and the choir leader in the center of  the stage. These seats had a deeper lush color of blue upholstery on them.  Below the stage sat the long white table with the words inscribed upon  them, This Do In Remembrance Of Me. 

Then, suddenly I  looked and saw the horrible sight under the table. I 
questioned how I had not seen this when I first entered the sanctuary. How  had I been able to focus on the decorations and opulent style of the  sanctuary without noticing that which was now before my eyes. I saw the  white table that said, This Do In Remembrance Of Me and it extended the  whole width of the sanctuary. 

Under the table there were people propped up like dolls in different poses.  Each one wore their best dress and best suit. Little girls had on white  crinolines and white gloves. Each boy had on ties. Men were nicely propped  up and each had a white handkerchief in their suit coat pocket. It appeared  that families were grouped together. Sometimes the children were propped  up and sat in the laps of their parents. There was a specific order of these  people placed under the table. They were arranged. Their hair was  carefully combed and some had their pocketbooks beside them. 

Something came over me and I  began to feel the death all around these 
people. I began to moan, like a wounded soldier. I moaned from very deep  within me. No words came but a continual moan came out from me. 

Then, I looked and saw again. The people were scattered out from their 
arranged positions. Mothers and Fathers were thrown together, and their 
children were thrown on top of  them. From under the disarrayed stacks of  their bodies I  saw where pools of  blood had seeped out over the blue  carpet and dried. On the front of the men's shirts there was a single  gunshot wound over their heart. On the women's dresses there were single  gunshot wounds over their hearts.  Some of the women who were obviously  pregnant had blood coming out from the bottom of their skirts like a  sudden miscarriage had happened.  These people had  been massacred.  They were the church members. This was a complete church membership  and they were left with none to bury them. A putrid smell filled my nostrils  and I was sickened. Smelling this death and seeing these dead families, I  cried out loud, Oh, GOD!!! Oh, GOD! Oh, GOD! Oh no!  

.My voice echoed within the quietness of the sanctuary.I laid down on the  the  blue plush carpet and cried for days and for nights. The sun would rise  and I cried. The sun would set and I would cry. All day and all night I cried  and cried and cried. I  laid there with corpses before me and cried night  and day. It was like it  was my job to cry... No one came to the church to  check on those who were missing, or even to see if I was missing. I cried and my cries went to moanings, and my moanings changed to crying...  Oh, 

GOD...  no... Oh, GOD,  please ... 

The LORD spoke to me  and said, Again you have seen the slain of the 
LORD. It was easier for you to see the poor who were slain than those of  your own town, yet My cries and callings are equally upon all of My 
people.You saw the church which stands to serve the comforts of man. The  padded seats are their padded easiness to sit in sin within My temples. 

The blue plush carpet represents their soft comforts of walking within their own ways of the world without My will. The lights were not on because they  can not see the darkness nor My  light within these temples. The water of  the baptism pool and the mural behind it represents the standard of, "if  things look pretty, they will be all right." The water has dried up due to the  lack of rain brought by My Holy Spirit. 

The choir was on the side with padded seats because they knew that their  talents of voice would work, regardless of how they walked, and regardless  of how they sinned. This same truth was for the musicians. The chairs on  the platform that were large and upholstered represent those that are self important and set themselves up to be leaders. They are the large seats of  pride, where men are in honor. The long tables that said, This Do In 

Remembrance Of Me, are those who never come to maturity in Me. Those  who wear the single bullet hole upon their chests are the ones who came to  Me in salvation, but never went any further in their walk with Me. They  are the ones who say LORD, LORD when they have not known Me, nor  served Me. I  know them not. The women who had seemably miscarried are  the ones who found some special grace to bring some to life in ME, but  could not endure the trials of their faith so they miscarried. The children  are there because they were born in the church to families who said, they   believed in Me, and did not change their lives to walk with Me. These  children were slain by the words of their parents in anger. These children  were slain by watching the hypocrisy of  their own parents. They searched  for what they read but could find no true matured example to follow. They  had no true leadership to follow and teach them. The cries of your heart  were that you have been shown much to prepare you in these last days and 
you feel ill-equipped to teach and lead in the midst of a generation of men  and their religious degrees. 

 I  have prepared you to walk, and you lay down and cry, having a tender  heart which breaks over and over and you allow it to stop your activity in  Me. You esteem  others as great and yourself as small before men. You will  rise up and walk or you will spend your days on your face crying in  intercession until you share that what I've placed in your heart. 

 Do not look upon the slain, keep walking and don't look back, or too far 
forward. Keep your eyes on Me and doubt not what I have shown you. 
Doubt not the whisperings of  Your GOD. Stand strong and rise up or those  you have looked upon will receive no  warning drawing them to repentance  before ME.  
Rise up! Wise up! The men/pastors you have dealt with have been mainly  shallow and vain, and yet you have cowered to them. Rise up, My daughter!  Rise up and raise those around you to new levels in Me. Share the words I
have given you. Rise up and let not the fear of man even come near  you. I showed you My swift angel with the sword. Do you think that you  also do not have mighty ones standing around you with this same fervency? 

Rise up, and rise up now to give warning to My people in this place that I 
have planted you, so they can like wise rise up and go forth with this word 
of warning. 

Prepare ye My bride, this is My call unto you for this season. Teach My 
teachers,  the time swiftly calls. It is the season of strong preparation, and 
this can only be done by the ones that I  command, even as I speak to those 
handmaidens before you... Teach My people to seek My will and to walk 
in obedience to ME.  This is the lesson of your life for this time within this 
hour. Rise up, thus saith, The LORD.
Feb. 8, 1999 

   Father, when You see Your churches and Your people within them, 

         have mercy, and see us all,  covered in the blood of JESUS.

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