The Breech Of Israel Bound

shared by Suzin McNeill

Job 22:23 If thou return to the Almighty,
thou shalt be built up,
thou shalt put away iniquity.

Who can search and find the breech between My virgin daughter and I? Who will call her name and search through the streets to find her? Who will inquire at both the town’s square and the King’s table?

Have you seen her? Is she well? Has she forgotten the laws of kindness she was taught as a youth? She once flourished under the care of the King, but now I cannot find her. The laws of kindness are not about her and she seems hidden to that which is good.  I once knew her and loved her as only love could love. She has gone out from me and I cannot find her. The streets howl and I fear she has fallen into an altogether selfish man who seeks only his own desires.

If you see her do her no harm, for she is wounded and I cannot protect her. She is being used and lies are both deep and prevalent. How can I help her to see the darkness of her own bed and empty promises when all things are twisted and seemly justifiable? Oh God, help me bring her back to the laws of her God.

Help me search her heart and restore her unto You. Another will not treasure her, seeing no worth, but I have listened to the pangs of her birthing. I have seen and heard her first breaths of eternal life. I have heard her Father call her into life itself. I know His treasures within her. I have seen the visions before her. Find her for me and bring her.

Her feet will be dusty for she has walked the streets uncovered. Her brow will be rough and ruddish for there has been no one to apply the soothing oil. Her cheeks may be gaunt for it has been some time since she had living breath within her. The light of her eyes will no longer sparkle and dance, yet there is still a small flame not extinguished.

Look deeply in her eyes and you will see her Father. He is there within her even at her denial. Her heart has not stopped beating. It is simply numbed for a moment. I hear it and I know where life abides. I have seen it’s birthing. I have heard the cries of it’s paining. Words cannot defer my hope, for he is my only hope. He will never deny His own and with a single word of power he says, Return.    7-1-2006
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Divine Lordship is not a threat; rather it’s the place of greatest safety.