Distractions In The Airways

shared by Suzin McNeill

Israel, the distractions in the airways are to pull the world’s attention away from you as a nation. Be wise. Ask for My wisdom. Step by step, precept upon precept, the seeking of My will to do it, all brings confidence and strength to My people.The blood in your streets is rising. It will rise more. There is no peace with evil.

Evil and goodness can have no union of agreement or truth, regardless of the treaties of men.

See the man who is on the white horse. See the warrior and The Chief. They ride first in Israel. 
I will be established as The God of Israel before this world. The blood rises and the people run in fear. Israel, America, your hands will be strengthened now. Canada, come.  You are included in this three-fold cord that binds my power to My people. My sons, you are readied and with My enabling and My provision for your daily welfare, warfare, and daily needs.

Stand up! Sons of God claim your inheritance. You settle for little not invoking My covenant of financial release unto you. Your waters have become stagnant before Me because you committed promises of tithes way back then. Allow My people quietness in the sanctuary to both give and receive. Out give the offerings as soon as you receive it. It is a new order ~ a new way for today. Give back the offering exactions to My people within your flocks. See the needs before you. Try Me, and see.

Israel, you will have great financial needs in the days ahead if you do not hear Me and bless those I am calling forth for you to bless. Rout obligations will stop my flow to you. Israel, My people, you can no longer see the needs of those close around you and withhold. I call you to action in giving. Dare to change the lives around you that I call you to bless. You must give or I will withhold from you in your needful moments. New day, new order, new rising, and new obedience are commanded in your assemblies.

My sons, you will hear Me and know exactly what I expect of you. Another you will not follow. Keep your heart stayed on Me, says The Lord. It is time for the watchmen to watch and the wailers to wail. Watch for Israel. Watch for America.

Return. Return and give in the name of Jesus, seeing that
I am your Jehovah Jireh, The Holy One of Israel.

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From the book The Harvest Is Ready Content Page
Divine Lordship is not a threat; rather it’s the place of greatest safety.