The Hungering 

 In Righteousness And Peace
shared by Suzin McNeill 
dove of christ

The zealots will fall and they will not know My peace in Baghdad. They will rise up and continue to take that which is not theirs. They will thrust themselves into a world order that will quickly topple. America, why would you give and feed the wolf  to placate him until dinner? Do you not realize that you are offering the delicacies of  the King's table to infidels? What shall you accomplish but to take the morsels from the children's mouths that I would bless. America, it is time to feed the hungry in your own land and to give freely to your own people. Every- where there is sickness and great need in America and in Israel. Do you not see those who are in need every day? Open your eyes and your  pockets and give unto your own people. Give unto Jerusalem and Israel.  Do you not see the starving elders of  Jerusalem? You pray for the peace of Jerusalem and ignore the hunger cries that arise within the city. Will you sit by simply saying Peace, Peace and refuse to feed My people? Give freely unto your sister, Israel. Give freely unto Jerusalem and feed them. They are your family and not mere afterthoughts. You desire the heart of your GOD, then know that My heart desires to see America embrace Israel and Jerusalem with the giving of  food and the backing to aid My army. You say that we as The Church of  JESUS CHRIST  shall all be caught up at the end time by My Spirit but, I say unto you, that have ears to hear, eyes to see and a heart to understand that no one shall be caught up, translated or carried anywhere unless they have a perfect heart for Israel and My people. It is impossible for those who are enlightened, and that have obtained the high calling of thy God in Christ Jesus to deny My true love for Israel. This is My holy law. This is the holy key to prosperity. According to the measure you measure out towards My people I will also measure out to you. I AM ISRAEL.  

Take not offerings in My name to distribute among  the heathen. Snakes and infidels are not good neighbors. They will ultimately raise their head and bite you when you feed them, yet, you will not listen. Babylon has fallen and you are not to build it again. Acts of futility are before you. Did all of your giving  to Vietnam  change their country? What was established and what was gained from this? America, as  you continue to bless those warriors of anti-christ, I will withhold from you. Have I not told you, and is  it not written that I, Jehovah God will by war through bloodshed make the enemies of My son JESUS  his footstool? I am at war and the nation feeds My enemies. This blindness that is within the leaders of  your people is a direct result of you who refuse to lay your life down to it's death and walk with Me,  moment by moment. This is the sin that is upon the house of God. 
America, what do you say of  Israel? It is only in your latter thoughts and hindsight. I, The LORD say  give and bless Israel and you shall be blessed. Give unto her enemies and you shall be cursed with them.  Do you really want this blessing? Do you really want this curse to stand against you? Choose that  which you will serve and you will find yourself standing either  for Me, or against Me, says The LORD.  Choose this day who you will serve. 
Israel, I have loved you with an everlasting love. I Am Your FATHER, and just as a FATHER would  fight to protect his own daughter's virtue so shall I arise to protect and defend you in these latter days.  Don't compromise. Don't give up the land for peace, for peace will not last. I Am The LORD and I   will defend you, and I will keep you safely within My arms of protection. You are the key that will unlock  My blessings upon America. You are the key that will bring the state of  holiness back to My people.  Though others will not openly stand with you, I am, I AM and I am with you in My power. Fret not for  the  battle line  is drawing  near and none can take you out of  My hand. I am your shield, your covering,  your rearguard, your man on point, and your FATHER. You are the ones that I love to favor.  
You are Mine, O' Israel. You are Mine.

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Divine Lordship is not a threat; rather it’s the place of greatest safety.