Holy Hands In A Soft Wind
shared by Suzin McNeill
dove of christ

After the battle, after standing up right in Me, I will loose the soft wind of my Holy Spirit. After the purging, the waters will flow to remove the old shadows of darknesses from the overcomers. After the waters flow, I will manifest My glory to those who kneel in the name of JESUS, My Son. Are you not called as apeople to do the miraculous, those greater works each day? I, The LORD am calling to the forefront those who cry out for their brothers and sisters and stand in the gap for their healings. I have said the Son of Glory, the Son Of Man, shall arise with healing in His wings. Come. Answer My calling. Come reach forth to go where I send you. Seek Me, to be used by Me. Hear Me and move in obedience to my expressed will. 

I Am , I Am  and I am calling you to stretch forth your hands to reach to those who are lowly. I am calling you to reach forth beyond your own selves to gather in those who need so very  much. Seek to be givers as I provide for you. To increase your blessings give more, where I say give.
You are called to walk a new path this day, a higher path where you will not look down and see your own feet, but will look down to see the feet of those who have no shoes. On this path  you begin to arise into the works of obedience and the works that I, the LORd place you to do. Can you see the feet  of another and care for them as I have cared for you? Can you deny yourself to wash the dirt off the feet of your unknown brother? If you can, you will see. You will see what My Son saw clearly. You will see Me, standing there beside you and within you in service. Then, as you keep your eyes upon Me, you  will be sent to another to again wash their feet upon My path. There is no exaltation in washing the unclean feet of another. It  is a personal thing.  It  is a servant thing...You reach forth to gather in with your hands. you thrust your hands out  as a greeting of one another. Hands are accepted and adorned by rings and polish. 

Hands express love in their caressing, and  in their lifting to praise Me. Feet are to be hidden, away  by shoes and socks. They are not really so beautiful to man or woman, but to those I send you too, you will see how they become lovely to Me, carrying the tidings of peace and  good news. You will see Me, as you go forth to wash the feet of strangers and teach them  to walk in My will. Wash the feet of the strangers, and lead them to Me. Reach forth to those  who have been hidden away like feet, and you will see that although you may not receive a seemably great blessing that I will receive  the blessings of your servitude. Then, you will  rise up to walk in the anointing where you will receive My power unlimited. 

After you have washed the feet of   forgotten strangers you will rise up to a place in Me,  where you will not only serve as washers of feet, but you will be fit and prepared to speak  forth in Me, feet become and grow in the name of JESUS and they will obey you.What  is this creative anointing worth to you? Will you wash the feet of strangers and tell them of My love?Will I trust you in My power and in My will, to speak to limbs and have  them grow, where none grew before?  Shall  I stand Myself up in you as you kneel down  to serve another with no thoughts of your self or self glory? I love the servant heart. In  the heart of service I dweel to revive those who are broken and to heal those who are hurting  and to even replace the limbs that were torn and destroyed through acccidents and war.  Kneel down and rise to reach forth... for surely upon the mountain of  My holiness comes  those who bring good news bearing forth great signs and exploits of my glory. Selah.

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Divine Lordship is not a threat; rather it’s the place of greatest safety.