Stepping Down In Service
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dove of christ

The LORD said, it is time to dig in with an urgency as never before. Those who are called must stand in their callings or lose them. Those who are commissioned must stand for their orders ready to serve. Those who have wandered around a bit must come back to The WORD and prepare themselves for both battle and holiness. It is simply time to dig in and this is all within a quickened timing.Stepping Down In Service Step down from your high places and come unto Me. You have fashioned much by the works of your own hands and I can not bless them. You have struggled for anointing and sweat in workings and ministries of your own self. Will you lay down your accolades of accomplishments and your résumé's of self works
to stand in the holy place? I see your talents and callings clearly and I am not impressed at all with your outreaches and full temples.

I call you to My house standing in only My name yet, you stand up proudly and proclaim your own names in your own ministries. Do you really seek Me as my servants or do you simply ask Me to bless the self works of your own creation. Shall I be impressed with all that you have done in My name for your own self proclamations, and self promotions? Come down from your high places of pride and self accomplishments. You have rallied a pastor's club, a prophet's club, a teachers club, an evangelists club and you are well known for it. What about your daily service unto Me? What can you say of seeking My will for you daily and doing it?

You reverence holidays more than holy days. Holy days are when My people simply do what I speak unto them with their heart in obedience. Step down from your platforms of recognition and prove yourselves before Me. Do that which I commission daily. I would have you reach to the homeless and the widows and the hurting. I would have you give to those who have not. I would have you support My own prophets and teachers that they would have both time and rest to come unto Me and to give freely in My services. The highest call is that of a servant.

Did My Son proclaim His works and speak boastfully of the anointing? Did He reach forth to all in need? My son sought only one thing while He walked and that alone was My will. When do you set aside all to spend time with Me? I hear the answers of twice a year, weekly, and on vacation. In the days ahead you will survive only by hearing My daily will and doing it. I am calling today for your consecration and complete dedication to doing nothing but My expressed will.

What, you say you are giving to the poor, and feeding the hungry already, then, I say hear Me and go further than your programs. You be the servant unto My will. You go and do that which I speak to you daily and then your accomplishments will be recorded in both heaven and earth.

The beauty of Israel is slain upon your high places: how are the mighty fallen. You become the servant of My will and I will set you to tear down that which offends and keeps My Presence from filling My temples. Oh Israel, My will is not too hard for thee. My will sets you free from dead services. My will frees from your father's stale traditions. Come unto Me wholly and stand in the testing of My will against your own will, and you will see the dryness of your services spring forth into LIFE. Lose your life and find it again in My service. Consecrate unto Me in service. Your callings are not just your jobs. You are called as a holy people of My own heart says, The LORD. You are called to serve only My will. As My son JESUS walked and simply said come and follow Me, I call you now, saying serve only ME by seeking My will and doing it.

For Further Referances
Hebrews 12:1-6

Deuteronomy 33:29

2 Samuel 22:34-37

Ezekiel 6:1-9
Ephesians 6:12

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