Plates Of  Possessions
shared by Suzin McNeill
dove of christ
  Today, I am looking upon My priesthood, and I see their garments splattered with the blood of My people. I see bits of their own dying flesh splattered upon these priests and the stench of it is causing Me to turn away. These same priests are mouthing the words come glory come... when they have not made themselves, nor My people ready to stand before Me. They stand unclean before Me and they are profaning My sanctuaries. They are not washed yet, they still lift up their unclean hands before Me, while calling them holy hands. I tell you that few, very few, have made the dedication to really be holy.  

 They tell others to lay down My offerings, then quickly they scoop them up for their own use, and  
for their own pleasures. How few, how very few, lay before Me and ask Me to lead them in the  dispersements of  My sanctuaries. Blindly, My sheep are fleeced into giving. They give in form, following the formulas of  their old religion, and the priests love to have it this way, as they goad them. Who will  be great in Me? To Whom is My arm revealed  in this hour? Where can I find pure garments upon My priests? Where is the true heart, the pure heart of self denial,  the heart of brokenness and the heart perfected through sufferings?  Too many priests are standing in their own enterprises proclaiming blessings of  their own self works. Where are the ones who will commit all and are willing to stand with no visible signs of success? In days passed my priests wore out their garments on their knees first. Today, it is too often their wallets that wear out first. Should I, The LORD be impressed with this? 

 Your vows do not have to be of poverty, but of pureness sustained by faith. You enlarge the offering plates for yourselves rather than enlarging my kingdom with new souls. Who will teach My people to discern My voice in their giving? As you measure out of a pure heart, it will be measured out unto you. Priests hear ME, you stand as the rich young ruler over all that you have heaped unto your own selves? How shall I test you and try you in your service unto Me? What will show you the issues of flesh within your own heart? Have you considered this in your dispersements or have you merely collected for  your own prosperity? Too many use prosperity as their sign of holiness and to proclaim  self anointings. 

 You have raised your own banners to your own name while calling and crying LORD, LORD.  My eyes must turn away from you, for you are bloody with the blood money of  My people, and you are fleshly with out the leading of My Holy Spirit in dispersements. I care not for your fine buildings when I can not enter them for the sins upon the heart walls of My people. You have not impressed Me with your buildings. You have heaped up for your self judgments, and now, you will plainly see your own heart condition and the deeper motives for your service unto Me? Can you bear it? REPENT. Can you look upon your works without justifying them? REPENT. Why is My glory withheld from My people? You withhold My glory and My voice from your pulpits. REPENT. 

 My priests, you are the reason My glory is withheld. Look at your own pulpits, look at your own self works of self glory, and look at the motives that I see clearly, why you say you serve Me, and do not. The plates of your temples are a botch unto you. Disperse! Repent, for you own greed has held you and you call it by My name. Is it a light thing that you have made yourselves to be rich young rulers of My sanctuaries? I, The LORD call to you in warning, REPENT! The sins of your altars are upon you and you  know well, your own  sins. Do not offer Me any more of  your justifications for your own accomplishments. I see your flesh that calls itself My Spirit. I see the spots within your congregations. You are not clean before Me. You have not washed your own deeds nor the sheep that stand before you. I see My sheep. I see you as priests before Me and I, The LORD say where is the glory of your dispersements? Why are the sheep of  My pastures unkept and unclean and still  hungry for righteousness? Who shall lead them on the paths of holiness unto repentance?  

 Young rulers there is a price you have not made or paid, and for this you will go away and  go forth with much sorrowing. Repent before My people, and repent before Me, says The LORD, for the savor of  your sacrifices in giving, bring forth the aroma and stench of death before Me. Repent, for you have dishonored My priesthood with your priestcrafts. Wash yourselves. Empty your plates of self glory  and wash your plates clean of the exactions from My people. Then, you will see My glory when it comes upon My people and even upon your own self  but, first you must walk the path of  the rich young ruler. Deny your self and take up this cross and see if  I, The LORD will not pour you out blessings too great to be contained. Are you ready to see My glory? Are My people prepared to stand in My glory? 

  Are there compromised spots in your company  of service unto Me. REPENT!  WASH! REPENT! Give and it shall be given unto you as priests of both My favor and as priests of My glory. You have rested on your own laurels for too long. I call you to seek ME and to give all to another. I am calling you to lay it all down. Hear Me. Do you hear My voice crying or will you reason it away along with My glory? My words are set before you, this day. Who will murmur and deny these words of truth? Do you see your own motives, now? Who do you serve? Who will lay it all down in My will, and not take it up again? The answer is simple, only those with pure hearts, and those who will truly repent, will carry My glory before My people.

2 Corinthians 7  Having therefore these promises, dearly beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh  and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God.  Receive us; we have wronged no man, we have corrupted no man, we have defrauded no man.  I speak not this to condemn you: for I have said before, that ye are in our hearts to die and live with  you. 
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