The Highest Warning

for the High Callings

shared by Suzin McNeill
dove of christ
America, you are standing at the highest warning for terrorist attacks in this nation. I say that you are also standing at the highest warning of an attack from the enemy, satan. My prophets and prophetesses hear My words of warning.  The enemy wishes to scatter you and prevent you from gathering in the force of unity. He is devising attacks, physical attacks on the health and well being of My prophets. His infirmity is not allowed in My temples.  He is deceitfully lying and casting innuendoes against all of you.
  You have entered a place in time that you must walk above his railings and devouring words. They are not spoken directly to you, it is "Christ in you" being attacked from the mouth of the enemy. Do not rail against man, simply condemn his "words of judgment" against you.  You will hear these words coming out from the depths of satan as those close to you, speak. You will keenly know the subtly and you will know the accuser as he speaks to discredit you. Demons are the spots in your feast if you allow them to speak using your tongue. Look at the power of your own tongue and declare and do before those who believe, and before those who believe not.  Every tongue that rises against you in judgement, thou shall condemn.

 Isaiah 54
17)    No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD.
 A lying tongue hateth those that are afflicted by it;
and a flattering mouth worketh ruin. Proverbs 26:28

If  you are attacked in your body, stay close in My Word and in My Holy Spirit. Speak The Word and thou shall be healed.  It is time to buck up and serve among My people. Many who know that you speak My Words, will be drawn unto you in this season. Many will come for a fresh "Word" to dispel their fears. Cast their fears out and away from them. You know these things already, and many have walked in these truths for decades. Why would I send you as prophets and prophetesses this elementary warning?

I, The LORD send you this highest warning for it is about to break loose and many more devils have been  loosed as well as many  deceiving spirits. The accompaniment of these devils coupled with the fear of man shall make a stronghold  for satan. These spirits and devils are released with one purpose and that is to stop the matured election from bringing forth the very fruit of Christ in you.  As you are attacked in this season, remember this,  it is written, and you will not falter. Remember it is not by might but, by My Spirit says, The LORD.  satan comes with plans to single out, divide and kill. See the least and forgotten ones within the congregations and strengthen them. Impart strength where ever you go and I will strengthen you as My vessels of honor.  Declare the uncovering of satan's will against your congregations and see the enemy's works. If you see the enemy you can surely kill him and banish him.

It is high alert and the time of highest warnings from My watchmen. prophets, prophetesses, and watchmen. Watch closely, and speak carefully for the signs upon the horizon are about to change and they will bring forth the cries of the world and the cries of those in search of Me. Be diligent  about your Father's work. Be diligent to listen to those who speak and sing in the Anointing. Stay watchful. Enter My rest, but do not sleep, for you are clothed in My presence.

 I am setting some aside and raising up ensign congregations to draw forth My people lifting higher standards. It is in these days that holiness will be established among My people. Remember when My Son JESUS spoke and said, "it is finished". All power was given in His glorified name.Those disciples after Him were told teach not, and to speak not  in the name of Jesus. You will be told the same.
Cast off the old. Cast off the works of darkness, and put ye on the LORD JESUS CHRIST. The establishment for all of America and for all of Israel, will be the reestablishment of the name, JESUS CHRIST within and upon My people. Put ye on The LORD, JESUS CHRIST and I will dress you in the armor of light. You shall shine and bring forth My light to this darkened world. Come before Me, and I will strengthen you for the works set before you in the days ahead. You will bring forth My voice and you will declare My will even to those who stubbornly refuse to hear you. You are among a great and ageless company of saints, warriors, and angels who have been called to war even in the heavens above this earth. selah

Divine Lordship is not a threat. It is the place of greatest safety.
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