A Matter Of Timing,
In A Matter Of Speaking
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It's A Matter Of Timing

You have been called out and confirmed by My Holy Spirit, why do you now seek an acceptance or a type of honor from within your church body? Many of you are crying to just be in a body that does not grieve you.  My doors open are My timing. I will speak open doors through you and you will walk and speak My words. Many of   you have brought forth much speech which I,  The LORD have indeed said. You have walked a ways and then repented. You have spoken hastily at times but, faithfully you  have repented.

It's A Matter Of Speaking

   You have sought to know Me and this too, is good. You say in part where are the openings for my giftings  and when shall I be able to stand free within the body and do that which YOU  have called me to do, LORD?  I say, give peace. Be Patient. My timing is perfect. Wait just a moment longer... I have saved you. I have saved you for last, because you have placed ME first. Some of   you have been covered and hidden in ME,  just for this day. Be patient.Wait in MY  Presence and you will grow daily, even, though you may not bring forth from among My prophets the most spectaular vision of all, nor sing with the tongues of angels, nor breathe  deep revelations unfathomable to the minds of natural men, nor speak and see the skys with hold their rain, you are still called to know ME. It is not by the  great revelation, nor vision, nor song/ psalm, nor the prophesying to others, or all of   MY giftings within  you, it is by coming to ME and listening and sharing and realising all about My love for you,, that you will understand ME.

 Take My body, the bread that  I have given you, and take My blood as your drink, and share My love for them openly.  As prophets you think first of  My voice. As My prophets I call you to bring forth and share our relationship before those who love ME. Your love for ME and your relationship with ME speaks more than your words   speak. You desire love, as you see and share our love, they see.   They   see  MY   love within you,  My love upon you, and My love through you   to them. My people are bruised and wounded. Many can not stand. My prophets, without your ears hearing all though the day, how can you represent ME?
    The callings of  you, My prophetic ones, is to not to just stand apart in ministry, nor for you to be unapproachable, for if they can not approach   you in asking, how shall they approach ME? You are my   mouthpieces.You are My hands that write. You are to be all that I AM   before My people. Come unto ME and  prepare within this short season   to renew your vows unto ME, and to begin in newness of heart  to seek My will, and do it, says The LORD.

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Divine Lordship is not a threat; rather it’s the place of greatest safety.