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It's Golden, Immediate Obedience

 Years ago I was at my first home school gathering and a pastor there spoke of a term he used with his children. The term was "immediate obedience" and these two simple, yet profound words changed my walk with GOD. I  diligently sought His daily will but, now, I was  introduced to a new term that called me to immediate attention  and immediate action equaling  "immediate obedience" to the expressed will of GOD. 

 Needless to say, I could not escape these two words because The Holy Spirit was in deed teaching me. Through many years its been like I've heard Mary at the wedding feast saying, "whatsoever HE says unto you, just do it." Then Nike came along with their ads saying, " just do it." This lesson was before me daily and even as a blonde, I got it! Just do it!

 A few days ago at my waking, The Holy Spirit spoke to me about a particular person that I know and said, he walked in "selective obedience." He submitted to the will of GOD as it was pleasing to himself and to his wife. It was wrapped in the cloaking attitude of we will vote on it and if, we can agree and walk in agreement, we will  get back to you.  The will of GOD was tentatively penciled in,  if,  nothing else came up. This way of walking was very different and foreign to me.  (Praise The LORD!)  I  had never considered this as an option.  "Selective obedience" 


 I  pondered this new term. Then, the question and term free will  to choose, seemed to float up from somewhere.  Was this new light or a new revelation? Free will, I can choose what I want to do.  I can be selective in doing the will of GOD.  I can be partially obedient and do what I want to do with my day and my time in HIS will as I choose to walk in selective obedience.  I can let my partner vote on this with me, and whenever we both don't readily agree, I just don't have to do it. 

Selective obedience and  My free will... I will do what I want to do. I will be a democracy with my partner and we will religiously agree or else, I'm just free in selective obedience...  Selective obedience in submission to a democratic vote of agreement, certainly presented a new way of thinking and walking. This  was going to be a new venture of getting my will and calling it HIS will,  s-e-l-e-c-t-i-v-e-l-y!  I would have no problem with this because, I actually was doing my free will. WOW! Selective obedience was neat, easy, did not cost, convenient, bendable, adaptable, and seemed very religious.


Then, I heard my FATHER speak.

 What part of the cross should My Son, JESUS have left off? Should He have omitted the stripes upon HIS back, for your healing? Should He have not worn the thorn crown for the healing of your mind? Maybe, He should have only had one hand pierced for your evil deeds, or one foot nailed to the cross for your sinful walk, stumbling in and out of My will? His side was pierced with a sword to bring your heart back to Me. Which part of the cross do you want to selectively omit? Is there an area of His atonement that you want to delete? What will it take to call My people into My will? What will it take to bring My army to immediate obedience? Is the blood of Calvary only for partial submission? Does it not cover all sin? Where are the areas of your lives where the blood has not been allowed to flow and cleanse, because you desire to hide in them? Why do you keep your secret places, thinking I do not see? 

Has the blood of My Son, JESUS only been selectively poured out for a few? Can you see yourself before Me, selectively and partially covered with His blood, selectively washed, and selectively obeying Me?
My eyes weep for the selections of My people, Israel.

Turn to Me. Turn away from your own religious ways and seek My will.  Did I send you the example for holiness? Was My Son only partial in the law? What can I say to you, as My people, Israel? 

REPENT in immediate obedience... Repent, for I am holy and I have called you as My people to be holy. Repent and seek My expressed will to do it, in immediate obedience.

Note from a handmaiden ... 

Seek only to do The LORD's will and whatsoever He says unto you, simply do it,  in immediate obedience. Selective obedience is dangerous and brings with it many curses along with the grieving of  our FATHER'S heart.
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