The Speech Of The Fairy Tale Gospel
The Speech of The Spotless Bride

shared by Suzin McNeill

Look around you and listen.

 I have called unto you early, yet you are a sleeping body. You think that you are pure in your own eyes, yet,  you are not washed from your own filthiness. You have walked with blinders seeing the lustfulness of the world more than the visions of My Holy Spirit. Your eyes have not been single unto Me, nor do you desire them to be single. Is it a light thing to protect the beam within your own eyes while casting  out thy brother's beam? It is time to watch closely and  listen for My footsteps. Listen for My voice. 

I am calling to many within the midst of the congregations and assemblies. There is evil parading itself from pulpits of pride. There is council being given  but it is not My council. There are words being spoken in My name, that I The LORD did not speak. Evil hides behind the guise of men who "think" that they are doing My service. 

These pastors and prophets fear Me not. They array themselves in cloaks of much learning, spiritual pride, arrogancy, and self edification to the sleeping body of their congregations. In the midst of the congregation are the sleepers who have chosen to accept only ''the love words'' from their GOD. They have willingly left off  My judgments... There is no fear before their eyes because they have chosen a  ''fairy tale'' gospel, and not ME, says the LORD. They are not wise. I, The LORD love judgment and I hate the evil in the midst of the con- gregation and assembly. Evil men do not understand judgment: but those who watch and listen, those that seek ME understand all things. 

It is time to arise from thy slumber....Wake up! Wake up! Look! Look around you and listen...for I Am The LORD and I Am coming in the midst of My people to love and to judge, separate, to purge, to speak aloud through my prophets, and to heal all that cry unto ME.  Yes, I Am The LORD Who will abundantly pardon the sins of My people. My Son speaks unto those who listen, Go and Sin  no, more yielding the power of  HIS blood to cleanse all manner of evil from your hearts and lips. Repent. Go and sin no more. The froward mouth I do hate.  Your tongues are set for judgment. 

From the abundance of your heart you speak. Is your heart cleansed? Are your words, My words?Do you seek to control another through your words? Have you refrained your dying tongue. It is written, the tongue no man can tame it. Is this the venue that opens the door to embrace your filthy words? 

Stop. Look around you. Listen. No man can tame the tongue, but I, The LORD send "tamers" for your tongues. Can The Holy Spirit not teach you that which you are to  speak? Is the stronghold stronger than the name and the blood of My Son JESUS? Seek deliverance. Can you lay your tongues and evil words upon My altar and let the fire from the discipline of my Holy Spirit purge them? Lay down your evil speaking. 

Backbiting, clamoring, grumbling,  cursing, blasphemy, complaining, speaking evil against your neighbors and to your own families, betting, swearing, cussing jokes of  lustfulness,  debate, gossip, arguing, bickering, daring, judging, maligning, self magnification, words of false rebuke, words spoken against My anointed, lying,  exaggerations, wanton words, criticisms and such come forth from the abundance of your heart. No man can tame the tongue, yet this is not excuse for the condition of the heart. Can you cleanse your hearts? Is the blood of My Son JESUS not enough to both cleanse, purge, and to pull down the strongholds of you tongue? 

JESUS, no guile was within HIS mouth. Is HE your example? Look around you, and listen... 

Listen, for surely I will manifest Myself before you and you will learn of My judgments. I AM
 I  AM and, I am holy, therefore, be ye holy. Mark the perfect man who offends not in word or deed. I am perfect. I love you, yet I am placed far from My body by the sins of your hearts, by the sins of your lips. What shall you say  when I, The LORD shall visit you? Look within you. See your own heart.  Listen... 

Listen to the words of your heart, as I The LORD listen to you. Look around you, listen. Listen to the voice which comes forth from your own lips. Listen... what will you say when I shall visit you? 

Listen... Judge your selves. How far from ME are the words you speak? Listen... to your own words as they testify of the contents of your heart. Shall I yet show  mercy when I have both spoken and written that by your words will you be judged. 

Oh, My people, I speak to you to ready you for My coming. Sin can not stand in My presence. My people, I long to be near to you, to show you My mercy, and My glory. My people, I long to bring waves of refreshing in My Holy Spirit. I long to  hear you praising Me. I long for your freedom to openly worship Me. Blessing and cursing need not to come forth from the same lips... With both blessing and cursing from the same lips you will fall as a house divided. With both blessing and cursing from the same lips you are double-minded, and shall not receive My blessings. You  condemn you own self by your own tongue and say judge me not harshly LORD, in hopes that My hand will be stayed. I say, Repent!  Repent! Repent for the spoken sins of your lips...for they are the sins of your heart. Repent and purge yourselves from evil speaking. Repent for your words stand soundly against you. Repent  for the words spoken against those I love. I love you! I am jealous over you. I am zealous for you. Cleanse your hearts, and purge your lips... I will come near to you and I will deliver you by bringing the truths of preparation for My spotless bride, thus saith The LORD.

30:12 There is a generation that are pure in their own eyes, and yet is not washed from their filthiness. 

5:14 I was almost in all evil in the midst of the congregation and assembly. 

28:5 Evil men understand not judgment: but they that seek the LORD understand all things. 

8:13 The fear of the LORD is to hate evil: pride, and arrogency, and the evil way, and the froward mouth, do I hate. 

Ecclesiastes 5 
1) Keep Thy foot when thou goest to the house of GOD, and be more ready to hear, than to give the sacrifice of  fools: for they consider not that they do evil. 
2) Be not rash with thy mouth, and let not thine heart be hasty to utter any thing before GOD:
for GOD is in heaven, and thou upon the earth: therefore let thy words be few. 

A Handmaiden's Prayer 
LORD, Forgive me  for the sins of my lips. 
There are no words to speak in my defense. I have spoken much in the ways of sin. I will change my ways of speaking. Place Your tamers upon my lips. Bring me hot coals through Your Holy Spirit and purge my lips. Bring me the blood of JESUS once again to cover the sins of my lips  and heart. Oh, GOD, have mercy on me. I will cast out and tear down all that brings reproach from my lips before You. Purge me  with Your hottest fires and cleanse me yet again, with the precious blood of my Savior and King  CHRIST JESUS. I will keep my lips from sin, in the name of JESUS. amen

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