Blood Stained America

shared by Suzin McNeill

dove of christ

You have asked Me,  when will the war begin? It has already begun.
It does not take a Pearl Harbor or  planes flown into twin towers to
declare war. You look at natural signs and I say take to the airways
and fight. You cannot be earthly minded.  Eagles soar and I, call your
attention upwards. America does not  have My favor but,  it shall know  My chastening warnings and it will turn around. It is in the lull right before the storm. Will the storm  cripple America? It will be sent stumbling. Will America rise to stand even upon it's crutches? It will stand as those in leadership shout return unto righteousness, My country, America return while there is still liberty. America, I see your banner and see  My name upon your money. What shall you say when I shall drop the hedge of America? Will you praise Me then? Do you praise Me now from your comfort zones? Will you pray then. Will you bury your dead soldiers and repent? America, I long to show you My favor but, you will not hear Me or  My  prophets. Take heed America. Listen to the cries of warning.

  Make way for The LORD has come and walked upon your streets and has seen the abominations within the temples and the houses of government.  You say you trust in Me, America. We shall all see when your banner is both torn and blood stained.   1-27-2003 7:50 pm

LORD, forgive America in JESUS name. Forgive us LORD...

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Divine Lordship is not a threat; rather it’s the place of greatest safety.