The Furnace of  HIS Will 
shared by Suzin McNeill

dove of christ


In the deepest confines of My furnace I am bringing forth the white flames of holiness upon My prophets. The fires are to purge all doubts and self willfulness. The fires are to burn up all of your own agendas. Self works, self exaltation, and greed can not be upon your flesh hooks as you stand before Me. The fires are to burn off the fatted places upon you and within you in order to produce in you only the leanest meat of My will.  I am sending you out with My apostles to go forth to those who have gathered and hoarded and who have built themselves up monuments of ministries and have not sought to know or do My will.

Many of these are famous men who shall boast themselves of their own great works. Many of these are men who have spoken much in their own darkened presumptions when I, The LORD have not said.  Many of these have laid up for themselves and have given little in disbursements unto the poor around them. Many are pulpit thieves, swindlers, and black hearted doing their own works while calling, LORD, LORD. They are mastered merchants standing within My temples. To these I send you forth first, for they block the doors to My temples in their own greed, pulling their own flesh-hooks filled with control, manipulation and religious powers. 

I send you forth as My servants with My flesh-hook to speak My fiery words against those who boil in their own pots in their own names, for their own selves. Greed cries from their own lands against them, along with the cries of the poor. If any should raise himself in denial and refuse to hear My words through you, my sent ones and servants then, you shall  take as much as thy soul desireth. Speak forth. Proclaim against them unto Me, and I will speak. Then, if they shall say Nay, I will take it by force, for they have stolen My offerings and thithes, and consider it lightly. 

There can be no turning within you, My proclaimers. You shall prophesy but not in the ways of times passed. You shall speak forth and behold My Words made flesh and coming into fullness to render My actions, My love, My mercy, My shakings, and My judgments. My Word shall walk through you. 

You will see My power just as you beheld Me in the fiery furnace with you. You will not desire the delicacies of other kings, for I The LORD will provide and cause men with both opened hands, and opened hearts to give all you need speedily. Do not doubt My ability to place you before those who shall give all liberally at My leading. Did I bless the birthing of My Son JESUS with wealth, yea even gold? So shall I bless you, My apostles and prophets before your journeys of obedience. You will know My divine provision and you will walk free of need before men. You will not be swayed by any needs. I, The LORD will raise you in the power to both get and receive wealth even before, I send you. You shall walk in My promises unto you. Prosperity is Mine, says The LORD and it is I, Who establishes My promises to My sent ones and My servants to receive wealth. 

This I speak unto those lingering within the fires. There has been great difficulties and much brokenness. Your most basic needs have been met, but faintly for some. You have endured the hardships of My will for you have died over and over again. I call to you and say, Arise, you will need no borrowed tomb, for I speak you blessings. I will also speak to those prepared to give unto you for this work in this season, because I have found you faithful, even with a little.

I have set you to receive all, without labor for your labor has been in Me. Your labors have cost you much, but you have made the dedication of your heart to serve only Me. Your hearts have been tried and My Word has been tried, even seven times within your hearts.  You have faltered in times past, but I have upheld you. My sons and My daughters I call to you now as My mouth pieces, My proclaimers, and say, My hand is open to give unto you and to lift you as you speak forth. Your voice will sound out to bring My people, Israel to both repentance and to prosperity, and to wellness. You are complete in Me, says The LORD. Speak forth and you will see My Word manifest. 

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Divine Lordship is not a threat; rather it’s the place of greatest safety.
Divine Lordship is not a threat; rather it’s the place of greatest safety.