The LORD and His Firey Specialists 

by Suzin Mc Neill

I, The LORD am calling you to walk down the road of promises to attain the special giftings of your talent. You say your faith attains them for you. I say through your direct obedience the light shines upon this road revealing My will. You have heard of many great and awesome miracles. It is time to listen more and speak less.
image Only a fool utters all the things he knows. Be careful not to offend. Step back and give time for the settling of MY words in you. Do not lay hands suddenly upon any one. Step back and hear Me, first. As the furnace of MY will  heats up, so shall My Anointing increase upon each of you who yields wholly unto Me. Breathe in the fire and give out My Living Waters. Pray in the fire and give out those holy sparks which shall ignite My people. 

Glorious is the gift of My presence upon My people. Walk with ME. Come, and follow ME and I will make you fishers of men, and I will make you, My fire men. My sons, I am calling My matured sons to come out from among the churches and to walk. No longer will the move of My Holy Spirit be enclosed within the walls of the church. Come forth from the flames and bring your giftings. My people, Israel, I, The LORD release unto you this day MY specialists. You will  know them by their giftings in ME. Each one that I raise shall be a specialist for each need within My body. I release you to go forth and begin to walk within My body as those who carry My purging fires and My healing. 

Gather to strengthen one another in ME and then go forth. As a wooden match is ignited but for a moment and then it becomes ash, so will you step out into circumstances to bring forth your giftings and then you must quietly step back. Let the sounding of no man's praise be upon your lips, but let all praise be unto ME. Adjustments will come. There will be adjustments within the Spirit that may seem very uncomfortable at first. You are My specialists, sent to do a precise work. Walk knowing that you are not to be promoted or named among men. If your name is  
great and made known, I will have to remove your name  from among My specialists. 

imageSpecialists are the unseen ones operating in the light of My will as I lead them. I will exalt and lift you to the higher places of  serving as My unknown saints. The holy shofar sounds and will draw many to you as you walk in quietness, and remain unhurried in ministering to My body. My specialists, this day I anoint you with the fire to purge My body, and bring forth the fire that will both consume you and conceal you as you walk in MY HOLY SPIRIT, yielded wholly, holy.

From the book The Harvest Is Ready Content Page

Divine Lordship is not a threat; rather it’s the place of greatest safety.