Prepare The Way 

by Suzin Mc Neill

You shall come forth with a shout and a cry. You shall come forth in My power. Earnestly you await My calling forth and many are in the positions in which I have placed you. You will raise the ensign banners and the standards for all of Israel to see. Focus on today's task at hand and let Me lead you forth to the forefront's of  My calling.


Blow the shophars in Zion for the bride has broken through and she is at large in the city seeking her Beloved. The bride has broken through and she will not accept another. She is calling her Beloved. At each street corner church she is calling her Beloved. When shall He appear,  except in My timing, asks The LORD? 

He shall appear first within you for from the foundations of Genesis to Revelations My words have proclaimed the kingdom of heaven is within you. Look up. Look in. Press in and the veil will surely fall and you will see The Bridegroom that comes for thee... and after seeing, you must also hear, for their is much to lay aside and there is little time for preparations. My people, many of those called, have been slothful in service. Many have walked away from Me, says The LORD. Will you come forth at My calling and stand in obedience unto My will? 
Who shall bid them to come back to Me? Who shall blow the trumpet that will lift them from the white washed sepucure churches of the dead? Who shall prepare the way for My coming? Prepare your hearts. Prepare the way and make it straight for surely the avenues of your holy God are open unto you. Come to the highways and byways and inquire of Me, for surely as questions arise within you, you must respond with My words upon your lips. 
Shall I not seek after those who have forgotten Me? Shall I not come and cry out again to those whose love has grown cold? Yea, I shall search and send others to search out those who once offered Me their love freely, and also those who have 
been turned aside by the traditions of men within their steeple houses. 

Where is My Beloved? 
Shall you find her for Me?

Go out. Gather in, and see the 
wondrous works of Thy  GOD.

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Divine Lordship is not a threat; rather it’s the place of greatest safety.