Time for the Great Army of GOD


Time for the Great Army of GOD
"Surely, the Lord God will do nothing, but he reveal his secret unto his servants the prophets.” Amos 3:7 My People, hear these words carried by My Holy Spirit. It is now time for new awakenings within My Temples of Praise. It is time for new giftings, to arise within My body. The minstrel and the songs are here...the praises I hear... It is the time for the psalmists to come forth. It is time for the angelic voices to sound, and the choirs of heavenly voices to sound, even unto the most natural man's hearing. These soundings will not know the denominations of man. They will be heard as I open the windows of heaven. My Presence comes not only to the television evangelists but, to those who sit and pray, and to those who love Me, and to those who are called to know Me.

Holy is the song of My psalmists, prophets, and prophetesses. The sounds of heaven will seemingly breakthrough and My Spirit will ascend, and descend, and many great works will be done through My servants, and through My people, and even unto the stranger standing by the wayside. My great army will walk in oneness. For the time is short and the work is great. Only through immediate obedience will My armies march. They will walk in My power, as no other army has walked before. They will not turn to the left or to the right, but they will walk as they follow The LAMB. Their eyes will not spare to render My judgments. My glory will be their attire. They will carry the two-edged sword. They will see the natural and the spiritual realm They will vanquish the enemy from among My people.
 Divine Lordship is not a threat; rather it’s the place of greatest safety.

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